SPARTAN 3E Project Board

  • SPARTAN 3E Project Board
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FPGA SPARTAN 3E Project Board- 3S500E

FPGA core board, features the XILINX Spartan-3E chip XC3S500E onboard


LGS SPARTAN3E is an FPGA core board that features an XC3S500E device onboard, supports further expansion.

  • onboard 1pcs XCF04S
  • integrated FPGA basic circuit, such as clock circuit
  • onboard nCONFIG button, RESET button, 4 x LEDs
  • all the I/O ports are accessible on the pin headers
  • onboard JTAG debugging/programming interface
  • 2.0mm header pitch design, suitable for being plugged-in your application system

What's On Board

  1.  XC3S500E: the XILINX Spartan-3E FPGA device which features:
    • Operating Frequency: 50MHz
    • Operating Voltage: 1.15V~3.3V
    • Powwer supply 12V/1A
    • Package: QFP208
    • I/Os: 116
    • LEs: 500K
    • RAM: 360kb
    • DCMs: 4
    • Debugging/Programming: supports JTAG
  2. AMS1117-3.3, 3.3V voltage regulator
  3. AMS1117-2.5, 2.5V voltage regulator
  4. AMS1117-1.2, 1.2V voltage regulator
  5. XCF04S, onboard serial FLASH memory, for storing code
  6. Power indicator
  7. LEDs
  8. FPGA initialization indicator
  9. Reset button
  10. nCONFIG button: for re-configuring the FPGA chip, the equivalent of power resetting
  11. 50M active crystal oscillator
  12. JTAG interface: for debugging/programming
  13. 10 pin x 6 nos. FPGA pins expander on Polarised FRC Connectors, VCC, GND and all the I/O ports are accessible on expansion connectors for further expansion
  14. 36 x 3nos FRC Connectors + 20 Pin Expansion Connectors for remaining pins of XC3S500E

Package Contains:

  1. SPARTAN 3E Project Board 3S500E
  2. User guide CD x 1


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