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CD Containing


Sample Codes

Operational Manual

MPLAB X  – Freeware

Sample Codes

The LGS PIC-DVK allows you to have a well known and documented hardware both under electronic and under software point of view. This kit/ Development board can be use for simple experiments, to advance experiments


Experimental board for Microchip’s PIC 16 & 18 Family of microcontrollers supplied with PIC18F4520

(Any 40pin PIC Microcontroller is compatible)

40 pin ZIF socket for Microcontroller

ICSP Programming (ISP) facility through on board PIC

PIC KIT3/PIC KIT2 Provision through USB port prog.

Crystal frequency: 16Mhz

10pin x 5 polarized FRC header with Gnd & VCC

On-board RS232 Serial Interface x 1 nos. terminated in a 9-Pin ‘DB9’ male connector

 10pin UEXT connector for easy I2C, SPI and serial device interface

On Board L293 Stepper Driver & DC motor Driver  (Stepper Motor and DC motor have to buy separately)

4x4 Keyboard, 16x2 LCD interface

I2C EEPROM (24Cxx) – External Memory for Users

Onboard PWM Output for user interface

SPI EEPROM 25Cxxx and RTC DS1307

On board Relay, Buzzer & LED’s (5nos.)

On board 8 LED for study of IO interface

Onboard ADC Output to check actual value of the

 ADC with soft potentiometer

On board DAC Interface

Onboard Reset Circuit to reset the MCU with reset monitoring

16x2 LCD display with 4 bit & 8 bit selection

4 digit 7 segment display

32Khz Crystal for on chip RTC with Battery

Dual power option ie through USB or 9-12V AC-DC adaptor

Optional Interfacing study cards available:

Blue Tooth, IR interface, Zigbee etc.

Kit Includes

LGS PIC DVK Development board with Boot Loader programming onboard

Power Adaptor

10 Pin FRC X 4 nos.

Serial & USB cable

More than 10 experiments

Documentation CD with Operational manual Sample Code C compiler with IDE


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