8051 Mini Development Board

  • 8051 Mini Development Board
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Documentation CD with Operational manual Sample Code C compiler with IDE


The Evaluation versions of Keil and Full version of MIDE assembler with IDE are provided with plenty of working sample code. This makes user able to perform a large number of tests before starting an eventual code building.


LGSPR51 is P89V51RD2 based development board is a low cost development board designed for Educational Microcontroller Lab, hobbyists and enthusiasts. The board is most ideal for developing various applications which includes ADC DAC Stepper Motor, DC Motor, Digital IO Simulation, I2C EEPROM, RTC, 4x4 keyboard, LCD etc.

P89V51RD2 Microcontroller running on 11.0592MHz crystal oscillator. The onboard peripherals include I2C EEPROM, RTC DS1307 with Battery, RS-232 to TTL logic converter, 16X2 LCD, RS232C to USB Converter For further expansion the rest of the on-chip peripherals and microcontroller pins can be accessed through 2.54mm standard FRC connectors with reverse polarity protection. LM 2576 Voltage regulator for high load handling capacity. The PCB is a high quality double sided PTH type for giving extra strength to the connectors


  • Microcontroller: SST89E516RD/ P89V51RD2
  • Crystal: 11.0592MHz
  • Programming: Using Flash Magic or any other software via on board serial port & USB port
  • Operating Supply: 9V to 15V DC adaptor or through USB port
  • Regulated 5V, 500mA output for external load
  • 16x2 Character alphanumeric LCD interface
  • SPI/I2C/RxTx port on separate UEXT connector
  • All 8 bit I/O ports available on FRC polarizedconnector
  • RS232 serial interface & USB port on board
  • Switches: Reset & Power on off.

Optional Interfacing Boards available:

Interfacing Cards through Polarized FRC connectors


  • 8 bit ADC using 0809
  • 8 bit Dual DAC using 0808/1408
  • 8 Bit ADC- DAC
  • Stepper Motor Controller with Motor & PS
  • DC Motor Controller with motor
  • LED Logic Controller
  • Digital IO simulation
  • 4x4 Keyboard with 16x2 LCD
  • 4x4 Keyboard with 4 digit 7 segment display
  • I2C Based ADC-DAC, EEPROM, RTC, 7 segment display

Kit Includes

LGS PR51V5 Development Kit

Power Adaptor

Serial & USB cable

Documentation CD with Operational manual Sample Code Evaluation C compiler with IDE

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