Motor Control Shield

  • Motor Control Shield
  • Brand: Waveshare
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Development resources: demo codes, schematic, datasheets, etc.


Development resources: demo codes, schematic, datasheets, etc.

Motor Control Shield, drives DC Motors & Stepping Motors


Motor Control Shield is capable of driving 4 DC motors or 2 stepping motors at one time.


  • Configurable motor power supply via onboard jumper
    • when using 5V motor power supply : drives four 5V DC motors at one time
    • when using adjustable motor power supply : drives two 1.25V-6.45V DC motors at one time (9V external power supply is required)
  • Onboard dual H-bridge driver L293D x 2
    • each L293D can drive 2 DC motors or 1 stepping motor at one time
    • totally 4 channel H-bridge, with 600mA output current (peak 1.2A) per single bridge
    • ESD protection

What's on Board

MarS Board expansion board on board resource

  1. External power supply jack
  2. Power input/output pinheader
  3. Stepping motor interface
  4. DC motor interface
  5. M_PWR configuration : connects M_PWR (motor power) to 5V or ADJ
  6. Power selection switch
  7. Power indicator
  8. AMS1117-ADJ : onboard linear regulator with adjustable output
  9. Adjustable potentiometer : for adjusting the output voltage of ADJ (adjustable motor power)
  10. L293D : dual H-bridge driver
  11. LM2596-5.0 : onboard linear switching regulator with 5V output

Note : when in operation, it's normal that the onboard motor drivers and regulators generate lots of heat.


Package Contains:

  • Motor Control Shield x 1
  • Copper heat sinks x 2

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