UNO R3 ProtoShield With Breadboard

  • UNO R3 ProtoShield With Breadboard
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ProtoShield Shield With mini Breadboard


Prototype Shield with Mini Breadboard(Works with Official  Boards) 
New Brand and High Quality

-UNO Prototype Shield:
- The small soldering area
- Access to a BlueSMiRF socket for wireless communication 
- 2 general LEDs
- 1 general pushbutton switch
- 1  reset switch brought to top level
- 5V, GND and Raw pins are exposed as well
- All  pins are brought to the top level
- Mini Breadboard:
- 170 tie points
- Self-adhesive backing to stick on the  Prototype Shield
- Size: 1.7" x 1.3"




1. All Arduino UNO data pins brought to the top level

2. 5V and GND rails also on the top level

3. 2x resistors, 2x buttons and 2x LEDs for general use

4. 2x 5pin-female headers, 2x 6pin-female headers and 2x 8pin-female headers

5. SOIC pads for surface-mount ICs        

6. Small soldering area.


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