About Us


 Logsun Systems started business  activity in 2001-2002. We are manufacturer, reseller and service provider of Electronics products for Industries, Corporate, Defense Institutes, Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics and other vocational  institutes. The Organization has its setup in PUNE with inhouse latest development tools, Instruments.

We deal in Variety of products For Industries, Corporates, Research Labs, Engineering Institutes, Universities, Undergraduate and post graduate students, Hobbyist, developers  :

Embedded Developments boards/SBCs like Raspberry Pi3, Beagle Bone, Arduino, FPGA CPLD,  ARM7, ARM9, ARM Cortex A & M series, PIC 16-18-30,  AVR, MSP430,  Texas DS, Embedded debugger, programmer, Mobile/GSM, Wireless Communication, Variety of sensors, HDMI & General Purpose TFT Displays, PLC’s & allied products, Breadboard & other prototype material, PCB design & prototyping service,  

Test & Measurement: Lab Power Supply Variable & Fixed, SMPS, DMM,  DSO, Fuction Generator, Logic analyser etc.

Didactic Products: Microprocessor Micro Controller Trainers & Interfacing Cards. Embedded Lab, Experimental lab kits in Basic Electronics, Applied Electronics, Linear Electronics, Digital Electronics, Analog and Digital Communication, Fiber Optics, Laser Communication,  Power Electronics, Control Engineering, Instrumentation etc. PLC Trainer , Microwave Components & Bench, Microstrip Trainer  Application trainers like Web server, Data Acquisition, Green Power  etc.  

We wish you and assure you happy experience with Logsun Systems.

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           Team Logsun Systems